2020-2021 • 78th Season
  • Major Concert Series:

              *Dates to be announced*

Anthony Gray, piano

Jiyeon Lee, piano 

John Williams, guitar

Zuly Inirio, soprano 

<<with>> Karen Jeng Lin, piano

Isabella Egawa, violin

<<with>> Luz Manríquez, piano


  • Young Artist Audition Date:

                   March 13th, 2021.

           *All young artist candidates who had applied in 2020 are invited to reapply in 2021 even if they no longer meet the age requirement*

  • Young Aritist Concert series:

                   March 21st, 2021.

                   April 18th, 2021

  • Alumni Concert:

                    June 6th 2021.

          *The same artists are invited to perform at the 2021 Alumni Concert*


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